Alternatives To Violence Project, Inc. — PeaceMakers Serving NYC & LI

PeaceMakers' Creed

We are dedicated to Peace as a lifestyle knowing that...

Peacemaking requires humility of spirit.

Peacemaking requires sacrifice of privilege and power.

Peacemaking requires acts of great courage and risk-taking.

Peacemaking is inclusive.

Peacemaking is seeking first to understand than to be understood.

Peacemaking is listening deeply more that talking.

Peacemaking is respecting everyone’s experience.

Peacemaking is expecting the best.

Peacemaking is understanding the power of consensus.

Peacemaking is building community.

Peacemaking is promoting a just society.

Peacemaking is Transforming Power⁠—finding the power to transform conflict.

We are instruments of peace.

Where there is injustice; we serve as advocates for justice.

Where there is conflict; we offer nonviolent solutions.

Where there is miscommunication; we collaborate to develop understanding.

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