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Virtual Training Workshops & Events

What are the AVP Workshops?

We offer three-day experiential workshops at three levels: the Basic, the Advanced and the Training for Facilitators.

Special Topic Advanced Workshops include: Parenting, Trauma Resilience, Anger Management, Forgiveness and Manly Awareness.The AVP workshops provide brave spaces that allow us to discover the transforming power that each of us has within.

AVP workshops can empower participants to:
• identify and manage strong feelings such as anger and fear,
• deal more effectively with risk and danger,
• build trust, empathy and good relationships with self and others,
• communicate well in difficult situations and
• understand why conflict happens and practice responding nonviolently.

This has been a life-changing experience for many past participants. We all have conflict of some type in our lives – professional or personal – public or private. Discover creative ways to transform it.

For additional information To Schedule AVP Workshops Contact:
or call 718-YES-1AVP